Tri Medical Co., Ltd.
was established in June 2005 as pharmaceutical and medical devices company with its head office located in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. Tri Medical Co., Ltd. first started its product specialize in Cardiovascular drug and later extended to Thalassemia drug and Antiasthma tic drug.


By 2009, Tri Medical Co., Ltd. has expanded its business unit to cover products of CSSD and infection control such as Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer and Sterilizations monitoring products. Tri Medical Co., Ltd. has signed agreement as Exclusive Distributor with Chengdu Laoken Technology Co., Ltd., China with a reliable and excellent performance and services. Tri Medical Co., Ltd. is continuously on providing and contributing to healthcare industry by supplying hospital with the best quality products and services.


Up to 2012, Tri Medical Co., Ltd. has diversified to another business unit of food supplement with itspartner from Switzerland of SANKOM Dietary Fiber Chews. Again, Tri Medical has invested another business unit of Interventional Cardiology and Interventional Radiology.