Plasma Sterilizer LKMJG-100




Comply with ISO14937, ISO13485, CE
           Double door pass through system is available. Please contact your local agent for detailed information.


  • Usable volume: 100L
  • Foot door switch
  • Touch screen, USB port
  • Hydrogen peroxide cassette
  • Built-in biological incubator
  • Built-in mini thermal printer
  • Efficient cycle time: approx. 55mins for standard cycle and 31mins for short cycle.
  • Applicable for endoscope, Uteroscope,Gastroscope, mental&non mental,heat sensitive, humility sensitive surgical instruments.
  • Safe for surgical equipment such as cameras, rigid scopes, light cords, batteries, and power drill.
  • Optional double door pass through design available

sterilization effectiveness:

  • 500mm sterilization length for 1mm internal diameter stainless steel lumen (single channel).
  • 2000mm sterilization length for 1mm internal diameter polytetrafluoroethylene lumen (single channel).