Plasma Sterilizer LKMJG-150




Enhanced Efficacy
          Short Cycle  25 minutes. Only half of the similar products.
          Longer cycle time requires more backup surgical instruments. 

          LAOKEN high-efficiency sterilization saves extra purchase cost, reduces backup instruments and storage time,
and raises utilization rate of important instruments.

          1. Fast. Enhance the ability of operating room and CSSD handling emergency operating instruments.

          2. Easier management of instruments.

          3. Improve utilization and efficiency of operating room.

          4. Improve cooperation among OR, CSSD and  other clinical surgical departments.

          LAOKEN Plasma Sterilizer is in full compliance with safety standards.
          By products are only water and oxygen which are completely safe for both human beings and environment.

          Sterilization cycle is strictly controlled below 55° C in a dry condition, avoiding damages caused by temperature
and humidity changes.

          Dynamic laminar flow separate recycle technology, together with special air adsorption device make sure exhaust
air is clean and safe.

Lower Cost
          LM/MJG sterilizer process instruments in more gentle fashion comparing with other sterilization methods and similar products. It prolongs lifespan of precision instruments and save a lot purchase cost.

          In the mean time, purchase cost and consumable cost are much lower than similar products, which saves a lot of expense in the long run.

One Key Operation
          Intelligent sterilization control system allows one key sterilization and displays cycle progress, parameters & countdown. Convenient for work arrangement in the hospitals.

          10 inch + 7 inch double TFT touch screen displays bigger buttons and texts for easier operation. Synchronized display and asynchronous operation technologyis applied for convenient use.

Powerful Performance SAL10-6 Sterilization
          LK-MJG Plasma Sterilizer is certified by ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality assurance system and with CE certificate.Sterilizaiton efficacy is proved by China's Ministry of Health, CDC and China Academy of Military Sciences.

Simple Installation
          The sterilizer is ready to work once power is connected.

          Installation doesn't need room analysis, drainage system, ventilation system, detoxification devices, safety management,  regulating measures,  personal protective devices and training.

          Our experienced engineers will provide professional installation services.

Intelligent Monitoring Precise Injection System
          Precise and sensitive sensors, combined with up-to-date fuzzy control analysis technology monitor all parameters from time to time to ensure stable of performance.

          Ultrasonic welding technology is applied to fill accurate volume of H2O2 into every capsule.

          Automatic vacuum injection technology effectively ensures accuracy during injection of H2O2.

Internet of Things Concept

          Based on internet of things technology, diversified monitoring and management are applied.